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SOAP instance - web services

4 February 2018

In the following example, a GetStockPrice sent a request to the server. This request has a parameter "StockName", while it will returns a response Price parameter. The namespace for this feature is defined at this address: ""

SOAP HTTP protocol- web services

4 February 2018

HTTP communicates over TCP / IP. The HTTP client uses TCP to connect to the HTTP server. After the connection is established, the client can send an HTTP request message to the server:

SOAP Fault element - web services

4 February 2018

The SOAP Fault element is used to keep the error and status information of the SOAP message.If a Fault element has been given, it must be a child element of the Body element. In a SOAP message, the Fault element can only appear once.

SOAP Body element -web services

4 February 2018

The mandatory SOAP Body element contains the actual SOAP message.The SOAP Body element has contains the actual SOAP message that is intended for delivery to the final endpoint of the message.

SOAP Header element -web services

4 February 2018

The optional SOAP Header element contains header information. The Header element can contain application-particular data about the SOAP message (such as authentication, payment, etc.).

SOAP Envelope element - web service

4 February 2018

The mandatory Envelope element of SOAP is the root element of a SOAP message. The required SOAP Envelope element is the root element of the SOAP message. It defines XML documents as SOAP messages.

SOAP syntax -web services

4 February 2018

A SOAP message is a normal XML document that contains the following elements: The required Envelope element identifies this XML document as a SOAP message

Introduction to SOAP

4 February 2018

SOAP is a simple, XML-based protocol that enables applications to exchange information over HTTP.Or more simply: SOAP is a protocol for accessing web services.

SOAP tutorial

4 February 2018

SOAP is a simple XML-based protocol that empowers applications to exchange data over HTTP.In our SOAP tutorial, you'll learn what SOAP is and how it exchanges information between applications.

WSDL Summary - web services

2 February 2018

This tutorial has shown you how to create a WSDL document that describes web services. It also specifies the location of the service and the operations (or methods) provided by the service.

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