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Necessarily know these JSON knowledge

7 September 2018

About JSON data syntax rules, JSON representation methods, JSON applications, and comparison of JSON and XML, etc.

Parsing JSON data with jQuery

6 September 2018

In this article, we will use jQuery for data parsing. Let's take the example of parsing the JSON data of the comments object in the above example, and then summarize the method of parsing JSON data in jQuery .

JavaScript functional programming

6 September 2018

In-depth understanding of javascript's functional programming, anonymous functions, closures, can help you write more excellent javascript code.

Use of for in loops and for loops in JavaScript

5 September 2018

The statement is used to loop through the properties of an array or object. Each time the code in the for ... in loop executes, it performs an operation on the elements of the array or the properties of the object.

JavaScript global object

5 September 2018

Global objects are predefined objects that serve as placeholders for JavaScript 's global functions and global properties. All other predefined objects, functions, and properties are accessible by using global objects.

Javascript different browser differences and compatibility methods

5 September 2018

The various compatibility of JavaScript is to solve the differences of different browsers. Understanding the differences can help you solve problems faster, improve the quality of code usage, and write better javascript code.

Javascript learning-create objects

5 September 2018

Javascript object-oriented is a very fantastic one, which is different from object-oriented objects in other languages.

Javascript learning-built-in objects

4 September 2018

encodeURI() does not encode special characters that are themselves URIs, such as colons, forward slashes, question marks, and ##; and encodeURIComponent() encodes any non-standard characters it finds.

Javascript learning: basic packaging type

4 September 2018

To make it easy to manipulate "basic type values," JS provides three special reference types: Boolean, Number, and String . These types are similar to other reference types, but they also have special behaviors that correspond to their respective basic types.

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