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Web page verification

17 January 2018

Verifier is a software program that checks to see if a web page is standard. When using validators to inspect HTML, XHTML, or CSS files, the validator returns a list of errors based on your chosen criteria. MVC Razor @Url.Content vs @Url.Action

26 November 2017

Here, you can understand the difference between @Url.Content and @Url.Action in MVC Razor If you want to pass the url for a file path for the website then you can pass it. It will resolve a virtual path into an absolute path.

500 - internal server error

19 October 2017

I am getting 500-internal server error when I uploaded the published copy to the GoDaddy and there is no detail about the error. Even though I add Custom Error mode=”On” in the web.Config setting.

HTTP Error 401.0 – Unauthorized- application

15 October 2017

I got this above error while running web application using mvc 5. Previously, everything was fine. In my trader application, when I click the home icon it is redirecting to the home page.

DisplayFor date format mvc 5

5 October 2017

I want to display the date in the view, but the resulted Date Format is 05/10/2017 12:00:00AM. But I wanted to display like 05-Oct-2017. Before I tried to display using DisplayFor, but it was not suited to display the date format.

Error occurred during a cryptographic operation-ASP.NET MVC

4 October 2017

Sometimes I got the following error while running the application. I don’t know why it was happening. But I solved this issue by clearing the browser history. I think this will be the temporary solution.

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