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26 November 2017

Here, you can understand the difference between @Url.Content and @Url.Action in MVC Razor If you want to pass the url for a file path for the website then you can pass it. It will resolve a virtual path into an absolute path.

How to change datetimeoffset to datetime c# ?

22 November 2017

In this tutorial I will show you how to convert datetimeoffset to datetime using c#. Here, I want to save the datetime object value into the database. But the datetimeoffset was returning string value. In order to convert string (datetimeoffset) to datetime you may follow this way,

How to appending an existing XML file in c#?

20 March 2017

In this article I will show how to append new data to an xml file using c#. If you want to add data to xml file without reloading the xml file appending data to the first row using the xElement addBeforeSelf...

Mouseover hover effect for Gridview using JQuery

15 March 2017

In this article I will show you how to create a mouse hover effect for gridview rows using jQuery. You can apply Css effects for a gridview using JQuery related Css methods like addClass, removeClass and toggleClass etc.

Control the brightness of image using c#

11 March 2017

In this article I will show you how to apply brightness of an image using You can adjust the color components of the image from the input ranges between -255 and 255.

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