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How to create partial view in MVC?

2 May 2017

Now I am going to insert partial view to my program. To create partial view using the following steps.Right click on the specified controller folder or in shared folder...

How to focus() button in jQuery example?

30 April 2017

In this article I will show you how to focus() button using JQuery example. In this coding is used to focus the first input button.

CSS class not applied in MVC

18 April 2017

I have generated above MVC view using Entity framework.I want to apply css class for the html control. But CSS is not applied.

How to set focus on the image of an HTML page?

2 March 2017

After cropping the image, the page scrolls to the top of the window. The new cropped image doesn’t get focused. Normally .focus() JavaScript method is applies to the form controls.

center a picture on a web page using HTML

2 March 2017

In this article, I will show you how to align images to the center. It’s very simple to align images on the WebPages. Normally, tag is an inline element, so it acts differently over the elements.

JQuery sortable example using dropzone.js

27 February 2017

We cannot not sort the image in dropzone area using Dropzone Js.So we can use jQuery ui plugin to achieve this. And also, I will show you how to highlight the dropzone area using the CSS.

How to clear the fields after submitting a form in MVC?

24 February 2017

In this article, I will show you how to clear form after submit in MVC. Before, when I submitting the mvc form; the page fields are not cleared; the problem on resetting of all form fields.

Translate a page to other languages- Google translate plugin

24 February 2017

In this article I will show you how to translate a page to other languages using the google translate plugin. Just you need to register a translate plugin and piece of JavaScript code on the page or master page.

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